Biomorf is a leading provider of custom identity management solutions with extensive experience in multimodal biometrics and system integration.  We have developed and deployed a “state of the art” identity infrastructure. The Company’s offerings enable solutions for combating identity fraud, ensuring national and homeland security, issuing electronic and smart credentials , facilitating access management, securing border management, supporting secure financial transactions and enhancing public safety through intelligence led policing and risk management, all based on confident knowledge of unique identity. Biomorf has extensive experience building best in class biometric solutions for civilian & criminal identification and government sectors. We own the distinction of having deployed the world's largest multi-biometric, smart card based, national ID under the world's most demanding schedule.

PT Biomorf Lone Indonesia’s shareholders is prepared to surrender up to 51% of its controlling shares to a local partner.

This offering is a most significant opportunity for the Republic of Indonesia to achieve a high degree of technological independence in a field critical to national security and sovereignty. Rather than waiting and working to develop the domestic internal capabilities from grounds up, Indonesia can build and enhance its’ own biometric technology already deployed on a proven world class foundation.  This can then serve as a test bed for future Indonesian technologies and as a training ground for the next generation of Indonesian biometric experts. 

A local partner could include:                 

1. Indonesian Government, Ministry or Agency (Kementerian/Lembaga)
2. Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN)
3. Perusahaan Swasta National

Assets in Biomorf:                 

1. Fingerprint recognition source code
2. KTP-el source code
3. All others suites of source code related to Indonesia’s Programs

Those parties with interest in participating in this public auction, should
   do the following: 

1. Complete the contact form below
2. Submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) to
3. Schedule a 1 on 1 conference with a Biomorf official

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