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PT Biomorf Lone Indonesia is a leading provider of custom identity management solutions based on a modern identity infrastructure with extensive experience in multimodal biometrics and system integration. The Company's offerings enable solutions for combating identity fraud, national and homeland security, electronic and smart credentials, access management, border management, secure financial transactions and public safety through intelligence led policing and risk management based on strong knowledge of unique identity.

The Company has extensive experience building best in class biometric solutions for civilian and criminal identification and governmental sectors. It has world class technical and management resources capable of delivering highly complex and large scale systems. Biomorf has the distinction of having deployed the world's largest multi-biometric, smart card based national ID under the world's most demanding schedule.

PT Biomorf Lone Indonesia was founded in July 2011 as a leading provider of custom identity management solutions with extensive experience in multimodal biometrics and systems integration. Subsequently, Biomorf has broadened its technology base through significant in-house Research and Development, as well as strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Today, Biomorf is not dependent on any single source for enabling technology and has its own portfolio of unique identity infrastructure products and can deliver solutions in any governmental or commercial sectors.

In addition, Biomorf has an active investment program in which it holds important equity positions in emerging companies with promising technologies. For example, the company has invested in a US company specialized in the development of innovative mobile biometric terminals. Biomorf today is a global company with dedicated engineering, management and sales teams located in Indonesia, India and the USA.

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