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Biomorf Identity Grid (BIGTM)

Biomorf, based on its extensive experience in Multimodal Biometrics, Identity Management & System Integration, designed and developed an innovative identity management platform called the Biomorf Identity Grid (or BIGTM), which today is endorsed by large-scale and complex identity programs in the real world. BIGTM is the infrastructure underlying every identity solution we deliver and consists of:

The (BIGTM) Value

The BIG Value BIGTM employs a distributed and standards-based IT architecture that enables organizations to overcome longstanding challenges encountered in the field of Biometrics and Identity Management. These challenges typically arise from the nature of the individual technologies used within biometrics and negatively impact performance, cost, flexibility and scalability.

BIGTM offers a biometric algorithm-agnostic solution that leverages the best COTS technologies and delivers unprecedented levels of performance and cost efficiency. It extends full control and flexibility to its users by offering the widest possible range of choices of biometric algorithms, databases, OSs, together with the power to configure custom workflows to seamlessly adapt to user-specific operational and budgetary requirements. Additionally, high levels of fault tolerance make it an extremely suitable platform for mission-critical programs.

By design it is aligned with next generation "grid computing platforms" available off the shelf thereby leveraging the relentless research and development done by open source and commercial companies in the grid arena. This gives BIGTM enormous advantages over other proprietary platforms in the identity industry in terms of performance, efficiency and flexibility. Unlike other players traditionally investing in perfecting their respective identity platforms, Biomorf through BIGTM utilizes existing credible IT platforms and focuses on inventing ways to integrate multiple biometric technologies to overcome the real identity management challenges. This approach has allowed BIGTM to remarkably extend the value delivered to its users.