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BIGTM enjoys endorsements from some of the world's most credible deployments in the identity management space including the Indonesian National Card Program. The program is one of the world's largest Civil Identity deployments based on multi modal biometrics – face, finger and iris.

The program aims at building a national repository of unique resident identities with an ultimate goal of expanding efficiency, convenience and security for Indonesian residents in multiple aspects of government and commercial transactions. This is being accomplished by enrolling 172 million residents from 6457 sub districts and setting-up an automated multi-biometric identification system..

Under the program, an electronic ID card (eKTP – Electronic Kartu Tanda Penduduk) is issued to the residents with a unique number along with encrypted fingerprint, photo and demographic data. The unique number is used for online verification whereas the fingerprints are for offline authentication.

Indonesian National ID Card: Program Highlights

Indonesian National ID Card: Solution Specifics