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Biomorf Card Authentication Terminal

The BIG Value B-CATTM KTP-el card reader is a compact, Biometric Terminal specifically designed for Standalone Identity Authentication held in the hand or placed on the table-top as a compact, intependent, ergonomic unit. The device facilitates fast and accurate fingerprint based card validation.

Typically, authentication takes place by matching the fingerprint image captured by the built-in 500 dpi, FIPS 201 PIV certified scanner with the one present on the contactless smart card that complies with ISO 14443 A/B standards. The 1:1 template matching is performed securely by an on-board MINEX compliant algorithm and the result, along with other identity data, is displayed on a comforting 3.5” color LCD. In addition to working in “standalone” mode, the device, through its Micro USB interface and accompanying API, can operate in a pc-connected mode to support more complex solutions.

By design it is aligned with next generation "grid computing platforms" available off the shelf thereby leveraging the relentless research and development done by open source and commercial companies in the grid arena. This gives Ease of programming with the underlying Android 4.0 OS makes it suitable for use across diverse sectors including e-Governance, Financial Services, Security, etc. The multi-application platform allows a diverse group of agencies to build and deploy targeted applications for their desired objectives, work- ows and environments.

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