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In today's modern society, we believe that unique, secure and reliable Identity is as fundamental as power, water and transportation: It forms the basis of the infrastructure that must be built in order to support the needs of modernity. We believe nations and enterprises that invest in building their identity infrastructures will reap the substantial benefits of the "identity revolution" which include acceleration in social and economic developments and enhancements in national security. This is the founding philosophy of Biomorf and it fuels our vision.

Our mission is to enable the identity revolution through a fundamental change in how identity solutions are developed and delivered. Our approach is not to build stove-piped or point solutions. Instead we build custom solutions that meet the unique and varied requirements of our customers, based on our powerful identity infrastructure. By building solutions on a well developed infrastructure we achieve many desirable outcomes for our customers including enhanced efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, flexibility and scalability.

In a nutshell, our solutions are built to leverage the same identity data across a multitude of applications. We accomplish this by ensuring that all identity processes are performed within the context of Biomorf's Identity Grid, which was designed to provide the right infrastructure to empower all modern identity applications just like the power grid provides energy to all electric machinery.